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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, is the capital of Mongolia and the most populous city in the country. It is one of the coolest cities in the world. Its population in 2008 reached a little more than one million inhabitants. It emphasizes in the city its Soviet architecture decked out with Tibetan and Buddhist buildings. Ulaanbaatar was founded in 1649 as a monastery town called orgon (known as Urga or Urgà in the Western world), which flourished during the 1860s mainly because it was situated as a trading center between Russia and China. Mongolia proclaimed its independence in 1911, and when the city was named capital of the country in 1924, its name changed to Ulaanbaatar, which means 'red hero' in the Mongolian language, in honor of the Mongolian national hero Sukhbaatar, who liberated Mongolia from the troops Of Ungern von Sternberg (one of those personages that could only exist in that remote time. He was an Austrian military man, who went to the Russian side, where he fought with the white Russian army, that is, the faithful to the tsarist side during the Russian revolution, then conquered Mongolia, expelling the Chinese, to be a private warlord And end up being handed over by his own men to the Russian Red Army, his cruelty and bad milk were widely known) and Chinese rule, fighting in the Soviet Red Army. Its statue adorns the main square of Ulan Bator. Ulaanbaatar has not seen war-related destruction, except in 1921, when the Battle of Urga in which Baron Ungern von Sternberg defeated the 10,000 Chinese garrison men (who had occupied Urga without a battle).
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