Antananarivo, Madagascar, Madagascar

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Antananarivo, Madagascar Madagascar
Antananarivo, also known as Tana, is the capital of Madagascar. Located in the central highlands region of Madagascar, Tana is charmingly chaotic yet welcoming, a happy and bustling city. Tana has unusual French- and Asian-inspired architecture and winding cobblestone streets and staircases that create a medieval impression. The city’s main attractions include the colorful daily flower market on the edge of Lake Anosy and the botanical and zoological gardens, where you can see the egg skeleton of the extinct aepyornis, or elephant bird. Rova, the Queen’s palace, offers good panoramic views of the city, as it is on the highest point in the hills. Antananarivo is a vivid city surrounded by a picturesque setting and lovely atmosphere. Antananarivo is a good introduction to a wonderful country.
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Ivato (TNR)
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