Teheran (Tehran), Iran

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Teheran (Tehran) Iran

Tehran, also spelled Teheran, is the capital city of Iran Tehran is a cosmopolitan city, with great museums, parks, restaurants, warm friendly people. It deserves at least a few days of your Iranian itinerary. The city can be roughly divided into two different parts - north and south. The northern districts of Tehran are more prosperous, modern, cosmopolitan and expensive while southern parts is less attractive but cheaper. A combination of factors make Tehran a pleasant place to visit: The dry climate which is constantly cool (at least in the evenings), the proximity of the mountains, the parks and gardens where flowers blossom all through the year, the alleys of trees in the avenues or even smaller streets, and even the water that runs down from the upper city along deep and wide gutters which look like small rivers during spring.
Recommended airport
Imam Khomeini (IKA)
Points of interest
  • Azadi Tower
  • Tochal Complex
  • Golestan Palace
Nearby destinations
  • Shahr-e- Rey a 10.68 km
  • Karaj ( کرج ) a 38.82 km
  • Lavasan a 26.40 km
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